Muslim Youth in Action empowers teenage students to make life choices that positively impact their future through community-based mentoring and intensive training, and provides students with a sense of the future and their place in that future.

Mission Statement

Through an Islamic environment that welcomes all, we provide opportunities for positive moral growth and sustainable life skills development for our youth by:

  • Providing a safe places for youth to come and feel empowered to make healthy decisions
  • Promoting the authentic & tolerant Islamic teachings against any misleading or radicalization
  • Protecting them from drugs, alcohol, smoking, forbidden relationships, bullying, gangs, and kids running away from families
  • Helping youth and families to get stronger and healthier through our sport activities, Qur'an and Islamic courses for our youth
  • Providing guidance to young people on how to become a productive part of society


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Judo Instructor Youth Adviser Da'wah & Sports Da'wah & Sports Da'wah & Sports

All activities & Program are supervised by:
Imam Arjan Imam, Religious Affairs - 407.967.2821
Imam Said Al-Albani Imam, Religious Affairs - 267.235.3483
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