The Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Area depends on Allah (swt), and then on the generous contributions of its members. Donation boxes are located inside the Masjid. See below for other convenient ways donate. Donations are tax-deductible.
Online Request for Verification of Charitable Donations to ISTABA
Please note: Only bona fide charitable donations in which no goods or services were exchanged will be acknowledged as such. Thank you for your donations and support.

Online Donations


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***Contributions made online must be between $10.00 and $9999.00***

Masjid Donation Donations to the masjid make it possible to carry out masjid operations & services.

#11 Please donate $20 to your masjid to help provide services on Fridays & other days.

#12 Sign up for recurring monthly donations of $20.00 or more. Cancel any time with 30 days' notice.

#20 Zakat Al-Mal can be paid any time during the year.

#21 Janaza Fund.

#22 Sponsor a student in the Hifz Academy up to one full year.

#23 Donation for needy families.

#24Donations go towards helping local refugee families.

#25Youth Program.

#26 Food Pantry.

#27 Donate towards da'wah and outreach programs. Includes free Qur'ans and da'wah materials & periodic open houses.

#28 Donations go toward refurbishing and improving masjid's playground for kids to use and enjoy.

#31 Donations towards the upcoming Masjid expansion.

#35 Donate to furnish the new Multipurpose Building, where events like Ramadan Iftar will take place.

#40 Fullfillment of Pledge made during Night of Power in Ramadan.

#51 Hall Rentals: Payments towards approved hall rentals. Please indicate in description line the date of the approved event.

#52 Hifz Academy: Tuition or fees for Hifz Academy. Please indicate on description line whether one time payment or monthly.

#53 Peace Academy: Tuition or fees for day care. Please indicate on the description line whether one time payment or monthly.

#54 Mini DarUloom: Tuition for after-school Mini DarUloom. Please indicate on description line whether one time payment or monthly.

#55 Cemetery Lots: Payments towards cemetery lot packages. Please indicate on description line, future lot space or deceased individual's name.

Automatic Monthly Donations

You may now make recurring monthly donations by automatic credit card draft or bank withdrawal.

Sign up Online (Credit Card Only)

Sign up Using Form (Credit Card or Bank)

You may also sign up for recurring monthly donations by completing the form below and submitting it to ISTABA.

Automatic Withdrawal Setup Form

Cancel / Adjust Automatic Payments

Recurring monthly donation subscriptions may be cancelled or adjusted with written request or by submitting an online request below. Please allow up to 30 days to modify.

Paid Membership

Muslims of good moral character are eligible to become paid members for $365 per year. Paid members can vote in ISTABA's general elections after two years of continuous membership.

Membership applications with payment must be submitted to ISTABA's administration office.

ISTABA Membership Application

Send Donations by Mail

Checks and money orders may be sent in by mail. Please make payable to "Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Area" and write "Donation" in memo. Send to:

Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Area
7326 E. Sligh Ave.
Tampa, FL 33610

Tax Exempt Status

ISTABA is a non-profit religious corporation organized solely for general charitable purposes pursuant to the Florida Corporations Not for Profit law set forth in part I of Chapter 617 of the Florida Statutes. IRS Code 501 (c)(3)(Public Charity-Religious Organization), Contribution Deduction Code 170 (b)(1)(A)(i).

*If you have any questions about donations, please contact*