Prayer Services

The following prayers are held in congregation at ISTABA. Brothers pray in the main floor and sisters pray in the second floor Musallah where the prayer can be heard via speakers. Sisters with small children are requested to pray Eid and Taraweeh prayers inside ISTABA's administration building ("Old Masjid") where the prayers can be heard via speakers.

Five Daily Prayers

The five daily prayers are led by an Imam every day.

Jummah (Friday) Prayers

The Friday Khutba (sermon) begins at 1:30pm all year round.

Tahajjud Prayer

Tahajjud prayer is prayed in congregation every 1st Saturday of the month following 'Isha salah.

During Ramadan, Tahajjud is prayed in congregation at varying times starting the night of the 20th until the end of Ramadan.

Salat ul-Kusoof and Khusoof

Salat ul-Kusoof (solar eclipse) and Salat ul-Khusoof (lunar eclipse) are prayed in congregation at the begining of the eclipse throughout its duration.

Eid Prayers

Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha prayers are held at 9:00am.

Taraweeh Prayers

Taraweeh prayers are prayed for the entire month of Ramadan immediately after 'Isha prayer. Taraweeh prayers are led by one of our resident Imams or a guest Imam and twenty rakat are prayed.

Witr Prayer

Three Rakat Witr prayer is prayed in congregation during the month of Ramadan after Taraweeh prayers.